The story of an Egyptian-Armenian artist

Vahan Telpian is a mystic artist who practices painting, sculpting, and decorative designing. Born in 1963 to an Egyptian Armenian family, inheriting the Armenian artistic genes, and growing up in multicultural Cairo, he is an art lover. Inspired by his father’s passion for photography, it was his first step towards his unique path in the world of art.

At 17, he started to draw in the “Le Progrès Egyptien” daily newspaper, as a weekly painter, and that was the starting buzzer, mentored by great Egyptian artists such as Ahmed Fouad Selim. He studied art academically in the Faculty of Art Pedagogy (Helwan University) and graduated with honors in the year 1988/1989.

He believes that art is not a stiff structure, that you can isolate one part from its whole, it’s rather a complete connected coherence existence that we are part of that formed his personality as a well-known painter and sculptor whose art pieces won various prizes and acquired by top collectors such as Mohammed Hassnin Heikal and Naguib Sawiris, his painting and sculptures were presold.

The starting point

As a pioneer in introducing artificial rocks installations, he designed, constructed, and decorated as early as 1997 the artificial rock mountain and fountains of “Dream Land”, which was his first step to conquer the design and implementation of the landscape, interior, exterior, lighting units, and the decoration world.

Additionally, he participated in several group exhibitions with his paintings and sculptures and received several prizes, including:

The International Symposium of Sculpture

Telpian participated twice in the Aswan International Sculpture Symposium which extended over two months during the 1998 & 1999 rounds. It is a festival held annually in Egypt, on the hill overlooking the legends of the Nile Basin, connected to the “Nubian Museum”, famous for its amazing Pharaonic sculptural treasures. The enchanting geology and mythology. They spread giant straw umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun, and proceed with their creations connected to the traditions of pharaonic sculpture, and the achievements of the sculptors of ancient Egypt who left unfinished obelisks, monuments, and statues.

Music that addresses the conscience 2019

Telpian participated in the first scrap iron forum in Marsa Matrouh, which was implemented by the General Authority for Cultural Palaces at the Matrouh Culture Palace in November 2019.

The city of Matrouh was chosen to hold the forum, due to the connection of the art of sculpting scrap iron with the remnants of the Second World War, especially the presence of a huge amount of weapons remnants, which prompted artists to use these metal remnants to produce artworks that express the woes of war.

His artwork “Music that addresses the conscience” is formed from scrap iron, which is a formation of long metal pipes stacked side by side as if they were engraved decorations. When the air passes through these pipes, it creates a sound like the musical bell that delights the ears, as well as the artist reviews the factors of time and life and their impact on us and the extent to which our memory is tested towards everything that we have been fascinated and loved since a long time ago, and the effect of time factors in confirming this love and its authenticity or erasing it from the memory.

Father-Son Art Exhibition 2021

An exhibition by Vahan Telpian explores the complex relationship between a father and his son through a series of artworks curated by Vahan’s son, Kayan.



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