The relation between Afshars dynasty and the Blue Mosque in Yerevan

I write this to indicate that the Mosque founder isn’t an Azeri man by origin or residency. Thanks for your patience.
The information about the Afsharid dynasty when the Blue Mosque had been established.

The Afshars dynasty started on 22 January 1736 to 1796)
The Afsharid dynasty (Persian: افشاریان) was an Iranian dynasty that originated from the Turkoman Afshar tribe in Iran’s north-eastern province of Khorasan, ruling Iran (Persia) in the mid-eighteenth century.
The dynasty was founded in 1736 by the brilliant military commander Nader Shah, who deposed the last member of the Safavid dynasty and proclaimed himself the Shah of Iran. It was named after the Turcoman Afshar tribe from Khorasan in northeast Iran, to which Nader belonged.
The Afshars had originally migrated from Turkestan to Azerbaijan (Iranian Azerbaijan) in the 13th century. In the early 17th century.

Abbas the Great moved many Afshars from Azerbaijan to Khorasan to defend the north-eastern borders of his state against the Uzbeks, after which the Afshars settled in those regions. Nader belonged to the Qereqlu branch of the Afshars.

*There are several sources but I will mention some of them.
1- Encyclopedia Iranica
2- "An Outline of the History of Persia During the Last Two Centuries (A.D. 1722-1922)"


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