The Persian Heritage in Armenia

2-Information about the Afsharid dynasty

I’m writing this thread to indicate that the mosque founder isn’t an Azeri man by origin or even by residency. Thanks for your patience.

3-Erivan Fortress

Erivan Fortress (Armenian: Yerevani berdë; Persian: قلعه ایروان, Russian: E’rivanskaya krepost’ ) was a 16th-century fortress in Yerevan. It was built between (1582–1583) during the #Ottoman rule by Serdar Ferhat Pasha, on the left bank of Hrazdan River, in the place of Ararat Wine Factory.

4-Thapha Bashi Mosque

Here’s the truth: it isn’t an Azerbaijani mosque. And proof that this tweet is misleading.



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Ahmed Ibrahim


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