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The History of Contemporary Art in Armenia 🇦🇲

Work created and produced by living artists is known as contemporary art. Notable contemporary Armenian artists include Vahan Telpian, Vahé Varjabedian and Armen Agop the Egyptian- Armenian artists.

Today's artists operate in and respond to a culturally diverse, technologically advanced, and multifaceted global environment.

The Biennale Foundation oversees the vibrant contemporary art scene in Armenia. The institution is responsible for planning national exhibitions known as the Art Biennale. His exhibitions are set apart from other performances by various organisations using this name. The Leon d'Oro Award for Best Pavilion at the Venice Biennale was given to Armenia in 2015. Since 1948, the institution has been running its operations.

Here is a list of the top galleries for modern art that you should be aware of.

Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art

Edward and Sonia Balassanian, Armenian Americans, founded the Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art in the 1990s. The gallery aims to support Armenian contemporary art, draw in modern artists from around the world, and promote homegrown artists abroad. Many Armenian artists have made their debuts here and gained renown and international acclaim. To further support Armenian arts and literature, ACCEA also forges connections between the Armenian artistic diaspora abroad and regional art communities.

Cafesjian Center for the Arts

The centre, which Gerard Cafesjian founded, frequently organises exhibitions using works from his collection of modern art. It focuses on bringing foreign artists to Armenia and promoting homegrown artists abroad.

Additional events held at the centre include concerts, workshops, lectures, and movie screenings.

Naregatsi Art Institute

The Naregatsi Art Institute fosters Armenia's artistic and cultural community by highlighting regional artists and providing a gathering place for art enthusiasts. The institute, which bears Krikor Naregatsi's name in honour of a celebrated Armenian poet from the 11th century, promotes innovation and teamwork to preserve traditional Armenian culture.

Modern Art Museum Yerevan

The first modern art museum in the former Soviet Union, MAMY debuted in 1972 and remained one of the country's most distinctive collections of modern and contemporary art for nearly two decades. Since the fall of the USSR, both locals and visitors who enjoy admiring art have come to love visiting the museum. The first exhibition at the museum featured pieces by 1960s-era Armenian artists who had donated their works to the space. They are still on display here, alongside pieces created by more recent artists.

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