The Aspiring Tech Hub in Africa

The Rwandan Startup Ecosystem is an emerging innovation hub, ranked at number 84 globally and shows a negative momentum of -15 spots since 2021. It is ideal for Fintech, Software, Data and Food-tech start-ups, and also ranks number 3 for start-ups in Eastern Africa. The top-ranked city in Rwanda is Kigali, ranked at number 395 globally, also ranks at number 1 in Rwanda and 2 in Eastern Africa, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -130 spots since 2021.

The story of the ICT industry

Rwanda continues to be one of the fastest-growing African countries in ICT, especially in E-commerce and E-services, mobile technologies, applications development and automation become a regional centre for the training of top-quality ICT professionals. The government led by President Paul Kagame has been the most supporter of integrating ICT into Rwandan society, with consistent and collaborative efforts to reform the Rwandan business environment for the past 20 years.

How to start your own business in Rwanda?

Registering a business in Rwanda is simple as the government eases the procedures. As a foreigner, you can register a business on arrival for free and be up and running within 24 hours. Simply go to Rwanda Development Board with a business concept and name, fill in a few forms, and you will be issued a Certificate of Domestic Company Registration and tax number (TIN) the same day. You need to include your TIN and phone number on all your invoices. It’s a cheap and easy process. Once you have these things, you’re ready to start trading — it’s as simple as that.

Here is a list of top Rwanda Companies featuring start-ups like Zipline, Ampersand Electric Motorcycles, and others.

1- Zipline

Zipline is a start-up which delivers medical supplies using automated drones, can decarbonize delivery, decrease road congestion, and reduce fossil fuel consumption and air pollution while providing equitable access for billions of people. It was founded in 2014 to create the first logistics system that serves all humans equally by serving tens of millions of people worldwide and is making good on the promise of building an equitable and more resilient global supply chain.

2- Ampersand Electric Motorcycles

Ampersand builds affordable electric vehicles and charging systems for the five million motorcycle taxi drivers in East Africa. It was founded in 2014 to create a world where motorcycle transport is cleaner and more profitable for its consumers than ever before.

Aiming by going electric to double a driver’s income now, and leapfrog Africa towards a zero-carbon future. Ampersand has Reduced CO2 emissions by 400 Tonnes, driven over 7 million km and increased customers’ income by 41% per day.

3- Jibu

Jibu is a drinking water startup that was founded in 2012 to equip entrepreneurs to establish affordable access to necessities. It uses franchising to transform local entrepreneurship opportunities, improve livelihoods & wellness, and empower people & communities to thrive across 7 countries (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, Zambia, Burundi and Ghana) daily. These numbers grow every month.

4- Hence Technologies

Hence Technologies is a Kigali and London-based firm that utilizes data and AI to match firms with external legal service providers. Hence was founded in 2020 to rebuild the way companies engage with their lawyers, by creating revolutionary software designed to give the power of data and AI to General Counsels and in-house legal teams.

5- Kasha

Kasha is an E-commerce for Women’s Health, Personal Care and Beauty in East Africa including Rwanda and Kenya, was founded in 2016 and was built for urban and rural areas with or without internet access. It empowers all women to confidentially and affordably purchase the products they need to live their best lives.

6- Carisoko

Carisoko is the first car classifieds website in Rwanda, Africa, was founded in 2016 to offer to buy and sell new and second-hand used cars, motorbikes and trucks online, from small city cars to 4x4 SUVs, including Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Volkswagen, Hyundai and more for any budget. With Carisoko, there is no commission fee, it’s 100% free!

The most popular cars in Rwanda are currently the Toyota RAV4, Toyota Corolla, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Toyota Avensis.


Yubeyi Online Shopping Ltd was launched in 2014 to serve a retail customer base that continues to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories including Phones, Computers, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care and much more. It provides the lowest price guarantee, 3-day free return policy, dedicated customer service support and many other premium services.

8- Bongalo

Bongalo is a digital marketplace for African travel accommodation, that offers visitors, travellers and business people across Africa the simplest and most trustworthy housing solution. It was launched in Cameroon in 2017 as a real estate company, but in 2019 relocated to Rwanda, and has more than 1,000 properties listed in total across both countries and over 5,000 users.

9- BAG Innovation

BAG Innovation helps university students and graduates learn the skills and gain the experience to match market needs through connecting talents to employers. BAG provides a virtual internship system that bridges the gap between academic and business environments.


OffGridBox™ is an all-in-one system using solar energy to purify water and distribute energy, was founded in 2016 to afford Clean Water and Renewable Energy in Remote Areas using generators. It collaborates with USAID, Power Africa, UNDP, EDP, ENGIE, EEP Africa, DOEN Foundation, Good Energies Foundation and AquaLife Foundation to serve thousands of people in developing countries.


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