Palace of Sardar

The Palace of Sardar or Sardar Palace is the former residence of Sardar, the ruler of the Erivan Khanate. It was located in Yerevan, on the left bank of the Hrazdan River.
It was in use as Erivan Sardars' seat until 1827 then as Armenian Oblast Governor's (1828–1840) and finally as Erivan Governorate's Governor (1850–1864).

During the Russian-Qajar War of 1827, the fortress was destroyed, and the palace itself was in ruins, except for the personal pavilion of the Sardar. During 1914-1918, the remains of the ruined palace were also destroyed. Later, on the site of the palace, according to the project of R. Israelian, the building of the “Ararat” winery rose.


All the walls of the palace were covered with tiles with patterns and flowers. The walls between the tiles were covered with rough painting. In addition to the flowers, peacocks, lions, and the sun were depicted there. The floor was glazed brick. The ceiling was covered with mirrors. There were also mirrors in the recesses along the walls and between the portraits.

In 1827, in one of the palace's rooms, Alexander Griboyedov took part in the production of his comedy "Grief from the Mind" performed by the officers of the Russian army.


According to a popular legend recorded at the beginning of the 20th century, the Sardar Palace was built around 1600 by the Safavid hero Arus, his sons Zorab and Faramos, and his daughter, the evil sorceress, Luthera.


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