Komitas the Ethnomusicologist and Composer

Komitas also spelled Gomidas, pseudonym of Soghomon Soghomonian, or Solomon Solomonian, (born Oct. 8, 1869, Kütahya, Ottoman Empire —died Oct. 22, 1935, Paris, France), ethnomusicologist and composer who created the basis for a distinctive national musical style in Armenia.

Komitas was the most important collector of Armenian folk songs, and his exact and detailed researches established Armenian musicology on a scientific basis. His own folk-based songs and choruses and his liturgical chants are still popular among Armenians, many of whom regard him as their foremost composer. Source: https://t.co/V40oxgU2HV

Komitas Museum

Officially, Komitas Museum-Institute (Armenian: Կոմիտասի թանգարան-ինստիտուտ) is an art and biographical museum in Yerevan, Armenia, devoted to the renowned Armenian musicologist and composer Komitas. It is located adjacent to the pantheon at the Komitas Park of Shengavit district. The museum was opened in January 2015.

The museum consists of a large concert hall, permanent and temporary exhibition halls and sections, a research center, a music studio, a library, and a publishing house. Komitas Vardapet’s personal belongings are grouped in the museum.

The life and work of Komitas, activities related to his musical and religious careers along with his rich heritage of research in Armenian folkloric music, are permanently exhibited in eight sections of the museum. The project is composed and curated by Vardan Karapetyan and photographer Alberto Torsello. It is implemented by the International Council of Museums.



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