Kabarik Jacobian the Egyptian Armenian Hero

He is an Egyptian Armenian spy, according to the Israeli security authorities, and was given careful training for spying operations inside Israel over years. Security officials said after catching him: “We have a fat fish here.”
Jacobian’s story and his preparation for an espionage career on behalf of the Egyptian intelligence started in Cairo, where he had become a photographer. He attended an Egyptian intelligence school. Given false identity papers, with which he registered as an Arab refugee, he was sent to Brazil. There, an Egyptian agent, Salim Aziz El-Said, sent him to Sao Paulo, where Jacobian presented himself as a Jew by the name of Rzhak Kochuk.

In preparation for his posing as a Jew, he had been circumcised in a hospital in Cairo and had been trained in a certain amount of Jewish tradition. He “proved” his Jewish background in Sao Paulo by showing photographs of the Jewish cemetery in Cairo and claiming that one of the tombs had held the remains of his Jewish grandmother.

From Sao Paulo, he went back to Rio de Janeiro, where he registered with the Jewish Agency as a Jewish emigrant to Israel. Arriving in Israel in 1961, with secret Egyptian orders to join the Israeli army, particularly the armored corps, he tried to get into the army. However, he was sent first to Kibbutz Negbah to learn Hebrew. Later, he did join the Israeli army and, after a year’s service, asked for a release from the service. An application for release was granted. After uncovering him, he was finally arrested at his home in Ashkelon. The court sentenced him to the maximum penalty, which is eighteen years in prison, and he remained in prison for only two years. On the twenty-ninth day of April 1966, he was exchanged with three Israelis who had crossed the Egyptian border without permission. Egypt requested the extradition of two Palestinian commandos, Kochuk, commando Hussain Hassan Al-Hafani and Saeed Khamis Abd Al-Qader, who were arrested in Israel on their way to carry out a commando operation inside.



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