I wrote articles before about the Soviet legacy in #Armenia in the education field as many schools are still used till now, return to the #SovietUnion era. But, I will write today about the architectural legacy that represents beauty and civilization.

One of this architecture’s examples is the Guesthouse of the Armenian Writer’s Union, which stands at #LakeSevan, a short drive outside of #Yerevan. It was laid out in 1965 by a local architect, #GevorgKochar, a graduate of the renowned Vkhutemas school in Moscow.
The mass-produced housing of the Soviet era looks like a unique chapter of Armenia’s urban history, collective memories and cultural aesthetics of a recent past that are struggling to be recognized and to be integrated into the country’s overall transformation. #USSR

We should keep these monuments for the new generations and use them to revitalize tourism.



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Ahmed Ibrahim

Full-fledged Content Creator & Tech Journalist. Worked previously with top publishers like AkhbarTech, Abda Adv, and RobbReportArabia.