Hossam Sakr the nomadic painter

Hossam Sakr is an Egyptian artist who explores the routes of human communication by expressing himself through portrait art. His artworks are expressed by sophisticated techniques and a great sense of color.

Sakr was influenced by the disciplined art school which, yet in his creative process, rules had no place.

Academic career

After graduating from the faculty of art education, at Helwan University, in 1989, Sakr got a doctorate in education and art in 2001. As well as getting a PH.D. equivalent (French National Academic Center for Information and scientific diplomas- France (NARC) — and the European Information Network (EIC) 2017.

He worked as an assistant teacher in the painting department at the faculty of Art Education. He also worked as a teacher in the visual arts department at the American University and the faculty of education, at Bahrain University.

Researches and workshops

Sakr published international research in Art and Education as well as participated in several workshops in Europe and the USA. His artworks and critical writings have been published in many Egyptian and foreign newspapers, such as Middle East Times and Mother Tobe magazine.


He has held 11 exhibitions since 1982, including ‘Rusty Memory’ in 2015 and A Face for Every Citizen in 2017. In 2020, he held an exhibition called You, which depended on the long-distance interaction between his paintings, directing a clear message to the recipient that the exhibition is not only about him as an artist, but also about whoever sees it, so every recipient becomes the “You”. His message is to look for the inner-self through these portraits.

His works have been exhibited in Egypt, France (Paris and Montargis), Spain (Mallorca), Germany (Stuttgart), and Italy (Palazzo Rapolla).


Sakr contributed to Fulbright programs as an arbitrator of art projects in the Middle East.
Also, he has participated in many ceremonies and exhibitions on both the national and international levels, starting from the Youth Salon in 1990, besides many rounds of the National Public Gallery.
In 1993, he was chosen with 7 artists below 35 to represent Egypt in the Contemporary Art Gallery at the American University in Cairo. Moreover, he has a permanent exhibition with a group of Egyptian artists in Mövenpick Resort Sharm El-Sheikh.


He is a member of the General Syndicate of Fine Artists, Teachers Syndicate, Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, Association of Faculty of Art Education graduates, and the Egyptian InSEA. He also has an honorary membership in the association of painting and works and the Egyptian Society for Folk Traditions (ESFT).

Sakr has established studios in Germany, then France, and lately a studio in Mayotte (a French region on the Indian Ocean), besides his studio in Cairo.


He won several awards, including the Art in Career award from the Italian Porta Celio Institution in Bari, where he received the first international prize -Art In Career- 2019.


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