Erivan Fortress

Erivan Fortress (Armenian: Yerevani berdë; Persian: قلعه ایروان, Russian: E’rivanskaya krepost’ ) was a 16th-century fortress in Yerevan.
It was built between (1582–1583) during the Ottoman rule by Serdar Ferhat Pasha, on the left bank of the Hrazdan River, in the place of Ararat Wine Factory. The Fortress was considered to be a small town separate from the city. It was separated from the city with large and unwrought space.

It was destroyed by earthquakes in 1679 but, it was rebuilt by Safavids as the Safavid governor of Erivan, Zal Khan asked the Shah for help to rebuild Erivan, including the fortress and the Palace of the Sardars.

On 12 July 1679, the Safavid vice-regent of Azerbaijan (historic Azerbaijan, also known as Iranian Azerbaijan “Not the current one”), Mirza Ibrahim, visited Erivan. He was directed to recover the fortress, the seat of the governor of Erivan. Many villagers from Ganja, Agulis, and Dasht (Nakhchivan) were moved to Erivan to rebuild the fortress.

The reconstruction of the Erivan Fortress was not finished. It was continued and finished in the following years. In 1853, the fortress was ruined by another earthquake. In 1865 the territory of the fortress was purchased by Nerses Tairyants, a merchant of the first guild. Later in the 1880s, Tairyants built a brandy factory in the northern part of the fortress. The fortress was completely demolished in the 1930s during Soviet rule, although some parts of the defensive walls still remain.


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