Digital transformation in Armenia 2018–2030 plan

Armenia is one of the promising countries in the Caucasus. It begins digitally to transform services that are offered to its citizens in different fields to enhance the day-to-day lives of the Armenian society, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

During his speech at the Digital Agenda in the Era of Globalization forum 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the former PM Karen Karapetyan said “we believe that the digital transformation is not only a step to the technological progress but also is the only opportunity to become a country with effective governance and economy in a short time and here there are no alternatives for us”.

The rapid digital progress is being implemented by 6 main directions of digital transformation:

-Digital governance

-Digital skills



-Private sector

-Institutional basis

E-governance and Digital Technologies

As a step on the path of the former PM, the deputy minister of high technology industry Stepan Tsaturyan said -during the discussion of Armenia’s 2020–2025 digitization strategy draft, in attendance of current PM Nikol Pashinyan- that Armenia is capturing leading positions in terms of the development of e-governance and digital technologies, and the successful initiatives carried out so far are a good base for the future digital transformation.

According to the digital strategy, which is expected to be implemented in 2 phases — in 2020–2021 and 2022–2025, it is planned to carry out a digital transformation of the state, economy, and society with the development of innovative technologies, cyber-security and data policy in the public administration system, the introduction of united standards, the implementation of education programs, as well as with the promotion of digital tools in the private sector.

“The Armenian government views digitization, innovation and new technologies as important tools for ensuring the efficiency of public administration, and favorable conditions for the business climate. In 2020 the turnover of IT companies in Armenia comprised over 400 million USD, which increased by 20% compared to the previous year. In 2020 the number of people working in this sector has increased by 22%. Currently, 1200 companies operate in this sphere”, Pashinyan said.

During Almaty Digital Forum 2021 in Kazakhstan, Pashinyan presented the results and the digital data in his remarks as digital technologies are one of the most developing directions in Armenia.

Government VS Pandemic

According to him, the pandemic put a hard task before the government. The solution to such problems leads to the broad use of digital technologies, and the formation of a new culture. Pashinyan said digital technologies and e-government tools have been used in Armenia. He added that Armenia is going to introduce and develop a policy of electronic services, e-government systems and digital processes.

“I would like to praise the fact that the member states of the Union managed to use digital technologies for overcoming some of the problems caused by the pandemic. The talk is about the “I Am Travelling without COVID-19” digital platform which resumed the free movement of citizens between Armenia, Russia and Belarus. From the beginning, Armenia has supported the Eurasian Development Bank’s “Digital Initiatives Fund” project, and we want to thank our partners of the Fund and the Russian and Belarusian governments for the active joint work within the frames of this program”, the PM said.

The Central Bank and Financial Transformation

During the Armenian Summit of Minds, the president of the Central Bank Martin Galstyan stated that the Central Bank has become a champion in the transformation process of financial services and the digital transformation of financial services has become a priority for the Bank. Also, assured that they can create respective grounds for the development of the digital economy, adding that the next important step concerns the digitization of payment and calculating services, based on innovative solutions aimed at improving the quality of services as it will create a new ecosystem for the new digital financial services.

Mr. Galstyan believes that Armenia could become a home for many innovations, as the future is based on science and technologies, and by dint of talented human resources, open culture and a strong Diaspora.

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