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Boghossian The Family of Gold and Gemstones

The Boghossians

The Boghossian family has over a hundred years of extensive knowledge in the fields of diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewellery.

The family's history and its connection to jewellery date back to the Armenian Genocide of 1915, but this date marks the beginning of the family's exile from their native Mardin to the Middle East region, mainly Aleppo and then Lebanon, before departing for Europe, and in the United States, for some.

The story begins with Raphael Hanna Boghossian, a goldsmith, a profession he inherited from his father. Hanna, a first-generation Boghossian, started making gold jewellery and accessories in his small workshop in Mardin."


In 1915, “Mardin” was invaded and threatened by the army of the Ottoman Empire. Ohannes Boghossian was only 24 years old (born in 1890) when he was deported to Aleppo. As a result, Ohannes travelled with other ethnic groups living in the Ottoman Empire, a journey known as the Safarbarlik and later recognised as the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

Before going into exile, everyone brought some jewellery and money to cover the expenses of a trip. Syria became their homeland and then their new workshop. In the Syrian city, the presence of a large and long-standing Armenian community allowed some refugees to find clandestine assistance.“ An artisan jeweller took him on as an apprentice.

Prosperous period

The period of prosperity from the 1950s until the start of the Lebanese Civil War in 1975 allowed the Boghossian family as a whole to grow in fine jewellery as well as trade in gemstones and pearls, all of which came from Beirut. War will upset the family's balance and harmony; the next generation will have to export like their predecessors. The choice concerns Belgium, or more precisely, the city of Antwerp, which is rich in the diamond industry.

The first party will be Jean Robert Boghossian, who has achieved some success in this particular field, quickly followed in Geneva by his brother Albert.

Today, Jean's sons are bringing about the great succession in Geneva and London, and this branch of the family is the origin of the Boghossian Foundation, based in Brussels, a real bridge between East and West and a great beacon of art in general.

While the first generation involved in the gold trade was very attuned to the world of jewellery at the time, the current 6th generation is at the forefront, going beyond the classical principles of jewellery design.



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