Armenia’s top 10 startups

Armenia is taken into account as a world-class techno-hub whose government relies on information technology in its long-term economic development strategy, as Armenian firms enter the international market whereas international corporations open branches and engineering offices in Yerevan. Startups with Armenian roots are gaining fame and use in all spheres and across the globe.

Armenian entrepreneurs make use of such local advantages as a strong technological school inherited from the Soviet times and one of the largest Diaspora with an active presence in Silicon Valley. For the past several years Armenian tech sector retains 27%+ consistent annual growth, all of the start-ups are oriented to the international market, and raised financing from international VC companies while the products they produce are applicable in life and business.

1- SmartApaga

SmartApaga LLC is a private waste management service used by over 1000 households and organizations in Yerevan. It is a fully integrated, multi-sided platform for solving waste logistics and consists of an app connected to a network of IoT smart recycling containers and dedicated QR code-based identifiable eco-bags.

Originally founded by two UWC Dilijan students and a Canadian Armenian repatriate, it now has evolved into a tech startup with a solid team of developers led by seasoned developer Arshak Ghazaryan and his team for iOS & Android devs as well as a team of designers, WEB designers, and business professionals.

2- Krisp

Krisp is an AI-powered noise-canceling app that removes background noise and echoes during online calls in real-time, by detecting human voice, selecting only that part and cutting the rest of the signal. It is privacy-centric and performs all the audio processing locally on your device.

It works across any communication, conferencing, streaming and recording app and can be used with any wired or wireless microphone, speaker and headphones. In 2018 Krisp won Golden Kitty Award as a Product of the Year in the category of Audio & Voice.

3- 360 stories

360Stories is a platform and online community featuring user-generated travel stories, each captured in high-definition 360-degree video or photography and led by real-time guides virtually on the web or from the convenience of your smartphone.

Originally founded by Albert Poghosyan and Vahagn Mosinyan. It started off featuring only Armenian sights. The Ministry of Culture of Armenia assisted the company in the process and helped capture notable places in Armenia. As for now, 360Stories’ collection includes multiple cities and activities.

Besides exploring the world in VR and AR, visitors of the website can buy one-day tours and attractions online in the destinations presented on the site. 360Stories is changing the process of booking travel activities and making them more immersive.

4- Chessify

Chessify promotes Armenian chess culture to the world with its multi-service tool for beginner, advanced and professional chess players, with the majority of users registered from India, the USA, Russia and Norway. It was Founded by Gor Vardanyan, Hambartsum Petrosyan in 2016.

Utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence provides a variety of tools like mobile application for learners, chessboard scanner and live streaming tools, and flexible cloud analysis service with an AI engine also, reduces the time spent on learning chess by 30%.

5- DataArt

DataArt is a global technology consultancy that was founded in 1997 in New York City specializes in building software products and enterprise systems, system modernization services, providing services of production system maintenance, digital transformation, innovation, and security testing services for a product or infrastructure.

In 2019 DataArt announced the opening of the research and development (R&D) and sales office in Armenia. Yerevan office will support the company’s activity across all the spheres but mainly focus on quality assurance (QA) and support, as well as business development.


Disperse is an artificial intelligence construction startup focused on improving on-site productivity utilizing visual recognition and computer vision techniques. CV keeps up with the progress and detects anomalies, 360° site scanning option captures every little detail. While the possibility of continuous feedback engaging everyone involved in the process helps to optimize the workflow and flag early warnings.

7- Embry Tech

Embry Tech was founded in 2017, develops hardware and software solutions for a shoe to turn it into biometric data tracking and wellness monitoring device. Patent-pending technology measures weight change, number of steps, cardio and sitting time, and calories burned throughout the day. Plus, the app gives wellness insights. With time Embry Tech is planning to turn the shoe into a medical device gathering all the health data.

8- AppearMe

AppearMe is a real-time, on-demand web and mobile application that connects with thousands of attorneys within minutes. It is a way to find an attorney for a variety of cases: civil, criminal, business, or family law. For the professionals, it is a place to refer a case or accept a pre-screened case.

9- SoloLearn

SoloLearn is a free mobile social platform to learn and practice coding with the largest community of mobile coders in the world. It offers courses in 13 areas from HTML, PHP and Java to Swift, С# and Ruby from beginner to pro level. Currently, more than 28,600,000 learners all over the world use it on all types of devices.

The company was launched in 2013. In the beginning, it was an educational platform offering a variety of courses from HTML to photography. Later the company shifted its full focus to programming languages. According to the rough estimations, 25% of the users are coming from India, 25 — from the US, the rest is divided between the European countries.

In 2017 the app won the title of the FbStart App of the Year, the winner is chosen among the alumni of the Facebook FbStart accelerator.

10- Vineti

Vineti is a cloud-based platform created to significantly simplify access to cell and gene therapy personalized cancer vaccines, connects the right patient to the right therapeutic product, on time and on track. It was established in 2016 by Heidi Hagen, Emmy Duross, Nerses Ohanyan and Razmik Abnous.

The personalized Therapy Management platform is serving as an ecosystem for all actors involved in the process of manufacturing and distribution of the treatment (doctors and nursing staff, interacting with a patient, drug manufacturers, logisticians, and couriers).

Vineti’s management platform is aimed to improve operations, minimize human factor and make sure products comply with regulations and standards.

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